The 10 Best Items to Sell to Pawn Shops for Quick Cash

Being in a financial pinch can make you feel trapped when you don’t know which direction to turn. But the answer to your troubles may be sitting in your home right now and you don’t even realize it.

Pawn shops are in need of items you may have that can turn into fast cash for you.

But what kind of items are they looking for? And which ones will get you the most money? It can be confusing to know if any of the items you have are valuable or in demand, especially if you’ve never pawned anything before.

Not to worry, we’ve got the answers for you. Read on to find the best 10 items you can sell to a pawn shop for quick cash.


If you no longer have need of Grandma’s old necklace or want to get rid of that ring your ex gave you, pawning them is the answer to fast cash.

Jewelry is always a popular item at pawn shops. And, of course, the more precious the metal is, and the more sizeable the stones are, the more you will get for them.

And if you have any scrap precious metal lying around, you can get even more for it, especially if it’s gold. The value of gold continues to go up, making it one of the most lucrative items to pawn. Silver and platinum will also fetch you a pretty penny, depending on the amount you have.

Power Tools

Power tools are in demand for both the working man and at-home handyman alike. And since many working men can’t afford brand new power tools, pawn shops are always in need of them.

Make sure your tools are in good working order before trying to pawn them. If they have rechargeable batteries, bring them in with a full charge. And, of course, clean them of any dirt or debris.

The newer they are, the more components that come with them, and the better they look, will only increase the amount you can get for them.


Americans love their guns. And people love buying guns at pawn shops so much that many shops now include the word “gun” in their name.

Because of the demand, and because they tend to retain their value, pawning any unwanted firearms will be sure to bring you much-needed cash.

High-End Electronics

Computers, laptops, TV’s, cameras, tablets, and any high-end electronic of the like would be sure to fetch you some fast cash at a pawn shop.

But always remember to bring any component that originally came in the box with the item. Missing power cords, remote controls, chargers, and even instructional manuals can have a negative effect on the amount you can get when you go to pawn the item.

And if you have a Mac or Apple item, having the original packaging can increase the amount you receive. Consumers tend to view un-packaging these particular brands as a separate experience all of its own.


Smartphones are now a way of life for most people. They have become our means to connect with the world in more ways than one. However, the price of new smartphones continues to increase, making them out of reach for many folks.

That’s why used phones in good condition are always in demand. Of course, the newer your phone is, and the better condition it is in, will only stand to increase the amount of cash you can get for it.

And if you have all the original components, or the original packing, for it?

Even better.


Watches can be a status symbol, especially for many men. So if you’re in possession of a high-quality watch you no longer need, you can expect to get paid nicely when pawning it.

Make sure your watch has as few scratches or dings on it as possible. Clean it up before you take it in. And make sure the watch is in great working order and has all of its original pieces.

Video Games & Consoles

Gaming is more popular than ever, yet it’s not a hobby that comes at a cheap price. People are always on the outlook for affordable options.

If you need to make some quick cash, pawn several of your games or even a console you no longer use. The newer the games and consoles are, the more you will get for them.

Musical Instruments

Buying brand new musical instruments can be expensive, especially if you have a child who changes their mind on music lessons as often as you change your socks.

To fill the demand of affordable instruments, pawn shops are always on the outlook for used instruments in good working order. Including any carrying cases will help with the value.

Guitars and amplifier are also very popular items.

Coins & Currency

Getting a good value for pawning currency is easy since you know you’ll always get at least face value. And coin collectors are always on the hunt to add to their treasure.

Good coins and currency to pawn are coins made of precious metals, half-dollars, proof sets, Federal Reserve Note, and any rare coins or paper money.

Antiques & Collectibles

If you’ve ever watched the Antique Roadshow on TV, you know that seemingly ordinary-looking items can be valued at extraordinary prices. If something ends up being a valuable antique or rare collectible, it can add up to some major fast cash.

If you feel like you have an item that fits into this category, be sure you do your research. You want to make sure it is indeed what you think it is, and you also want to know what it’s worth. Not doing your homework beforehand could cost you dearly.

Knowing What Pawn Shops Want Can Add up to Quick Cash for You

Being in a financial pinch is no fun, but now that you know which items you can pawn for fast cash, you’ll be out of that pinch in no time!

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