Will Pawn Shops Buy DVD Players?

In short, the answer to your question is “yes”— if yours is in good condition.

If you’re asking, “will pawn shops buy DVD players” because you’re thinking of pawning or selling yours for quick cash, you’ll want to read the information below. We’ll tell you how to sell your DVD player to a pawn shop for the most money and in the easiest way possible, as well as address if pawn shops buy broken DVD players.

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How Much will Pawn Shops Buy DVD Players for?

How much pawn shops buy DVD players for is based on the condition of your DVD player and if it has extra special features. Examples of features that might get you more money for a DVD player are listed below.

  • Video scaler for up-converting resolution
  • DVD recorder included
  • Combo player for more than 2 formats
  • High-volume disc changing capability
  • Special chips such as Realta
  • High capacity hard drive

To find out how much pawn shops will buy your specific DVD player for in 2017, list your DVD player on PawnGuru. This is quick and free. You’ll get bids on your DVD player today so that you can gauge how much your DVD player is worth at a pawn shop.

Will Pawn Shops Buy Broken DVD Players?

If you have a basic DVD player that is broken, you might not waste your time trying to sell it to a pawn shop. Instead, pawn or sell your DVD’s. You will definitely get cash for these if they are in good condition.

Read our post on How to Pawn or Sell DVD’s for the Most Money Possible to get top dollar for pawning or selling your DVD’s at a pawn shop.

If your broken DVD player is a high-end player with extra features such as DVD recording, progressive HD audio/video technology and more, you might have a shot. In that case, list your DVD player on PawnGuru and see if pawn shops in your area will bite. If they do, you’ll be able to see how much they’ll offer you.

How to Pawn a DVD Player for the Most Money

Clean your Player

Bringing a clean and shiny DVD player to a pawn shop shows that you kept it in good condition.

To a pawnbroker, it signifies that you might deserve a better offer for it than if it arrived damaged or dirty. Cleaning your DVD player and its parts will also allow you to inspect any scratches or external damage that can affect your offer price.

DVD players are known to attract dust. Use a non-abrasive, dry cloth to wipe off any dust, dirt or fingerprints that are visible on the DVD player. Wipe down the remote and cords, as well!

Include all of its Components

If you want to know how to pawn or sell a DVD player for the most money possible, the more parts you take to the pawn shop, the better! This helps the pawn shop sell the DVD player as a “complete package.” Here is an easy checklist of what to bring with your player:

  1. Cords
  2. Remote – with working batteries
  3. Cables
  4. Box & coverings
  5. Manual

Test it Out

Make sure you take your DVD player for a test drive before you bring it to the pawn shop. You want to make sure it is working. And don’t forget to remove any DVD’s that you didn’t want to part ways with!

Testing it out will also help you confirm if you included the necessary video hookups and components to make it a complete working system.

Include Some DVD’s

Are there any DVD’s you can part ways with now that you’re selling your DVD player? Include those in the sale to the pawn shop.

The next person that buys that DVD player from the pawn shop will be happy to see DVD’s included, especially if they don’t have any yet or want to add to their collection. Most importantly, including DVD’s will increase the value of what you’re offering the pawn shop. In turn, it could get you a better offer!


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